Studio on Stony Run

THE OWNER, Sara Beth Saurino, PLA, CPSI

Sara is a native of Preston County, West Virginia. She graduated from West Virginia University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture. While at WVU, she worked for Tathams, LLC as a greenhouse assistant, nursery specialist, and landscape designer. Ms. Saurino had the honor to work as a landscape intern at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater near Mill Run, Pennsylvania. From there, Sara worked for nine years as a project designer and then Landscape Architect for Painter-Lewis, PLC, a small specialty engineering firm in Winchester, Virginia. In 2008 she started her own design practice, establishing Studio On Stony Run, PLLC.

Sara Saurino is a professional Landscape Architect. She currently holds professional Board of Landscape Architecture licenses in both West Virginia and Virginia.



STUDIO ON STONY RUN was established in 2008 as a professional design company specializing in landscape architecture, site planning and design consulting.

The company has taken on a variety of project types including: 

  • Residential planting and outdoor living space design
  • Planting plans for commercial, industrial and governmental projects
  • Site Plans with emphasis on parking, vehicular circulation, and pedestrian circulation (with ADA compliance)
  • Parks and Recreation site design
  • Public memorial sites
  • Historic projects

STUDIO ON STONY RUN  enjoys working with a variety of clients from both the private and public sectors, architects, engineers, real estate professionals, development professionals, and contractors.

Studio on Stony Run

2922 Stony Run Road, Independence, WV 26374, US

(304) 864-4019 (o) or (304) 216-5218 (m)